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For the Health Smart Traveller

A HaloMed Membership means you can travel knowing your health is in good hands.

If you have a health concern while traveling, in one click, HaloMed Members can speak to a nurse in your home country, who is familiar with you, your health records, and where you currently are in the world to advise you no matter what your health concern is.  

What Our Members Say

“I have peace of mind when traveling with my HaloMed Membership, knowing that help is only a phone call or app away… 

…I can call anytime for medical advice or assistance and can be directed to a reputable clinic or hospital if necessary in my travel area. My secure health history, and physician and family contacts can be relayed quickly to health personnel in any country, any time and in any language. In the event of a critical medical emergency abroad, the early access to the Halo Med team allows them time to arrange an accompanied flight home and assures the availability of a hospital bed in the receiving hospital. They will also notify my health and travel insurance on my behalf. This team of excellent medical professionals will be able to guide me through every step of my safe journey home.”


~ Andrea T., HaloMed Member

Who Should Have a HaloMed Membership?

Leisure Travellers

HaloMed takes the “what if…” worries out of your vacation. No matter what health issue comes up, big or small, HaloMed will be there to advise you.

Snow Birds

Leave your health worries behind along with the snow! You can’t take your local healthcare team with you on extended vacations south, but you can take your HaloMed Membership, and with it your peace of mind while travelling. 

Corporate Travellers

Travelling for work? HaloMed is the perfect solution to make sure your personal and confidential health care advice needs are met, no matter where in the work your job takes you.

What About Travel Insurance?

HaloMed fills critical gaps left behind by travel insurance.  While travel insurance may pay for the care you require, it takes time to understand your medical history, confirm the exclusions in your policy and get you to care at an “approved” facility in their network.  HaloMed is about you.  The speed at which you can get unbiased advice, or generally to support you if you have a health problem while travelling.

Here are some of the things a HaloMed Membership will help you with, that will not be provided by your travel insurance:

HaloMed will help you with what travel insurance won't - including:

Maintaining your key medical information and more on file

Not wasting time checking policy “fine print” for exclusions

Directing you to the best qualified help, not the best in “our network”

Reducing your out of pocket expenses.

About HaloMed Membership


Health smart travellers don’t leave the country without HaloMed! Pack peace of mind with your passport.

How it Works

Anywhere, anytime: 24/7 HaloMed Membership service to wherever you are in the world couldn’t be easier! 


$150 per person, per year, for unlimited membership service: our pricing is as easy as using your Membership.

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Subscribe today, and travel worry-free tomorrow.