How HaloMed Works

HaloMed is all about making your health while travelling worry free, and that starts with a process that couldn’t be more simple:

Step 1: Subscribe

Click “Buy Now” at the top right, enter the requested information, and complete the payment process.  A HaloMed Membership Services nurse will call you to obtain all your relevant health information that we will securely keep on file, so we can quickly and easily assist you if you need us.  

Step 2: Pre-Travel Consultation

Ready to take a trip? Give us a call for a pre-travel consultation, where we’ll learn about where you’re headed and offer any relevant pre-travel advice specific to your destination and health situation. 

Step 3: Have Fun!

That’s it! Go on your trip, knowing that if you have a health need, expert advice is just one click away – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to anywhere in the world! 

We're One Click Away: Any Where, Any Time.

As part of your pre-travel consultation, we’ll ensure you’re all set with our app on your phone.  If you need us, simply tap on the app to open it, select “Help Me”, select “Allow Once” for your location, and enter any details of the health problem you are having and select “Send Now”, that’s it. A HaloMed nurse will contact you and will already have the medical history you provided, your location details, and a knowledge of the local medical environment to assist you quickly. 

That’s it!

When Should You Connect?

Connect with HaloMed any time you have a health issue and would like advice. This can be as simple as asking whether you should get medical care for a cut, all the way to very serious problems.

And of course, if you are in a life threatening situation, always call the local equivalent of 911 first.  

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Subscribe today, and travel worry-free tomorrow.