Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions can be found below. Have a question that you can’t find the answer to? Contact us and we’ll be pleased to help. 

General Questions

HaloMed is not travel insurance. HaloMed was created in part because of a major gap that remains with travel insurance: fast and unbiased advice. 

Travel insurance may pay for whatever care you require, but they have to check what your policy covers, or doesn’t cover, and they do not have your key medical information on file.  This slows down the process of getting you help in situations where you may already be concerned and have a problem. 

Travel insurers also have a set of medical providers that they use, and as a result are biased on where they recommend you should go for healthcare. HaloMed nurses are unbiased, recommending healthcare that is best for you and your situation.

HaloMed keeps as much or as little health information as you provide to us. Key medical history about your current and past conditions,  as well as your medications and dosage are recommended. In addition, the name of your general practitioner, specialists and dentist can be very useful in facilitating your care.

After you sign up, we contact you with a form to complete, which will include your medical information and emergency contacts.  This can be done online or over the phone if you prefer.

We store all information in HIPAA and PIPEDA Electronic Medical Record complaint databases. 

Anytime you are traveling: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

No. No matter where you are in the world, HaloMed can serve you.

Subscribing/Purchasing a HaloMed Membership

Click “Buy Now” at the top right of your screen, and follow the simple steps.  That’s it!

After you make your purchase, you will be contacted about providing your medical information and emergency contacts.  You will then go and download the HaloMed app onto your phone and enter your membership number.  Then, you are ready to go!

After purchase, your HaloMed Membership is active immediately.

No – there are no limits to how often you can contact us or access your HaloMed Membership services. 

All major credit cards can be used for payment.

HaloMed Memberships will automatically renew after one year.  

There is a seven day money back guarantee from the day of purchase.

About HaloMed Responders

You will speak with a Canadian Registered Nurse.

HaloMed responders are all certified Registered Nurses.

Using HaloMed While Travelling

Simply open the HaloMed app and follow the quick and easy prompts.

Yes.  Translation services will be provided if required into over 200 languages.

It’s always a good idea, before you travel, to let your travel companions and family know that you are a HaloMed Member, and they can communicate on your behalf to our Nurses to get help for you. They can access HaloMed the same way you would, from the app on your phone.

If you are unable to communicate with your local healthcare providers, HaloMed will absolutely do so on your behalf.  

As long as you can access the HaloMed app on your phone, and you have internet access or data on your phone, you can communicate.

As HaloMed is not insurance, it does not pay for any medical costs.

The HaloMed nurse who contacts you can answer any questions you have with regard to COVID-19 related issues.